IFNR, under the aegis of WFNR, has conducted a number of online courses to train neurorehab specialists by expert faculty from around the globe. Recording of these online courses is available to delegates for future reference.
IFNR Gait Course June 19 to July10, 2020
Sr. No. Session Topic Link
1 Session 1 Normal Gait Observational Gait Analysis
2 Session 2 3D Instrumental Gait Analysis
3 Session 3 Pathological Gaits in Children and Adults
4 Session 4 Practical Application of Gait Analysis in Sports and Neurology Rehab
IFNR Spasticity Course August 07 to August 28, 2020
Sr. No. Session Topic Link
1 Session 1 Basics
2 Session 2 Upper Limb Spasticity
3 Session 3 Lower Limb Spasticity                                        
4 Session 4 Paediatric Spasticity